Monday, March 7, 2011

Opportunity of a Lifetime

As a follower of my blog or facebook, you know that I was contacted  by an individual about a brand new company, Bamboopink.  This is a ground floor opportunity to join as a sales rep.

While this sounded like a wonderful opportunity and I was excited, I was reluctant because I just don't like this sort of thing and frankly, who has the time?  I mean, do I really need one more thing in my life?  But after reading through some of the basic materials I figured I had nothing to lose as you have NO obligation when signing up and I had everything to gain. So why wouldn't I give it a try?  Really, why not?
One thing that is very attractive to me is that Bamboopink is unique in that their business model supports online sales. Most shows are done online. You NEVER have to host a show in person, if you don't want to. Just think, no books to distribute, trunk show!  The designs are classic, yet fun .  If you like silver, sparkles and pearls, then Bamboopink is just your style! Bamboopink can be just as much work as you want make it. Choose to dedicate your all or just do it on the side for fun. It's a perfect opportunity for stay at home moms or even college students.

I encourage you to look at the information.  Now until March 15, there is NO sign-up fee.  Even if you aren't sure and are still really a skeptic, I encourage you to sign up because you can always change your mind. Your name will just be dropped from the list.

Here is the basic information on the website, look it over, do a google search on the company and see what the buzz is all about for yourself.  I would love to have you on my team and will be willing to help you however I can. 

Join what is expected to be the fastest growing women’s internet start-up company in history with Bamboopink. Bamboopink is a new fashionable, yet affordable jewelry line made and designed by a famous, high-end designer whose current line is sold in upscale department stores, is all over the red carpet and worn by Oprah! This company is the first of its kind, an internet launched company with virtual trunk shows…there are no parties to host and no phone calls to make.
Sign-ups are free, with no risks or obligations. The free signing period is only for 30 days (through March 15), after that you will have to pay to be a consultant.

What sets this company apart from other direct sales companies:

* GROUND FLOOR opportunity (probably won’t ever happen to you again!)

* Strongest comp plan in the industry

* Very successful “designer” multi-million dollar jeweler making/backing this jewelry, so sure to be successful

* Instead of growing one sales rep at a time, this business model using the free sign-up period – we can grow fifty sales reps at a time – but the time to do that is NOW!

This company is going to explode in a few weeks with a national press release and official launch. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So be one of the first to sign up! Then you can do the same as me and get credit for signing up your friends, which is what we are compensated for with jewelry, cash and/or an ipad. It is not about selling the jewelry at this point, but networking and creating interest. If you decide not to sell, you have lost nothing and your name is dropped from the list.

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